Prelude to the World of Abundance

(Last Updated - December 2023 by Mikey)

“Can you do the packing? I have some urgent work to do.”

The wife handed over the packing list and I took it over with trembling hands.

I realized I was in uncharted territory as this was our first trip post-COVID. I already have trouble packing solo and now I have to pack for 4 people?

My eyes grew bigger as I scrolled down the long list.

A huge pile of clothes sat on the bed one hour later.

“How are these going to fit into the luggage?” I thought.

My assessment was spot on. There was no way everything was going into the luggage.

In the end, we ended up with 3 huge luggage for a 5-day trip.

Did we overpack? Absolutely. Around one-quarter of the items in our luggage were unused at the end of the trip.

But we all know more is better than less.

More means:

  • Less FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
  • Peace of mind
  • Better relief outside our comfort zone

In the movie “Up in the Air”, Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) delivers motivational talks around the metaphor “What’s in Your Backpack?”

Take a listen here:

[ ~ START of Transcript ~ ]

How much does your life weigh?

Imagine for a second that you’re carrying a backpack.

I want you to feel the straps on your shoulders… You feel them?

I want you to pack it with all the stuff that you have in your life.

You start with the little things. The shelves and the drawers.
The knick-knacks. Collectables.

Feel the weight as that adds up.

Then you start adding larger stuff. Clothes, table top appliances, lamps, linens, your TV.

That backpack should be getting pretty heavy now and you go bigger.

Your couch, your bed, your kitchen table. Stuff it all in there. Your car, get it in there. Your home, whether it’s a studio apartment or a two bedroom house.

I want you to stuff it all into that backpack.

Now try to walk. It’s kind of hard, isn’t it?

This is what we do to ourselves on a daily basis. We weigh ourselves down until we can’t even move.

And make no mistake. Moving is living.

[ ~ END of Transcript ~ ]

Take a minute to absorb this backpack metaphor before continuing

We have heavy backpacks filled with our dreams and regrets. Filled with debts and a never ending chase for more money, happiness, and success.

Our backpacks are so heavy that we find it hard to move.

And yet, you know what I see all the time?

We think we are the problem.

If our life is heavy then we need to build more muscle.

We need to hustle. We need to grind. We need to work harder than everyone else if we wish to enjoy success.

What if life isn’t about moving faster and climbing higher?

What if life isn’t about the shiny cars, or the bling bling, or what you leave behind?

What if life is supposed to be a beautiful dance?

Each routine is bliss.

Each movement is a flow with time and space.

Each step is a delight.

Well, Ryan Bingham had a great talk earlier. That’s part one, now let’s hear part two. What he has to say about our heavy “backpacks.”


Now, I’m going to set that backpack on fire.

What do you want to take out of it?


Photos are for people who can’t remember. Drink some ginkgo and let the photos burn.

In fact, let everything burn and imagine waking up tomorrow with nothing.

It’s kind of exhilarating, isn’t it?


It is always exhilarating to start anew.

A new job. New hobby. New goals. New routines.

Drop your backpack.

Imagine starting again with no debts, no baggage, and no stuff holding you back.

What would you do? What is your first step?

You don’t need a ten-year plan. You just need to take the first step.

Now you have two choices.

1. Leave this page and continue to hustle your way in the hope that you can reach success by outworking your problems.

2. Discover a new world where you can dance in happiness. Not because you don’t care but because everything you do comes from a never-ending flow of gladness and thankfulness. Because you get to live as you.

If you want a sneak peek at option 2 then…

Welcome to the World Of Abundance »

– Mikey AKA Abundant Mike